• ‚‚15 litre volume
  • ‚‚‚‚In-store placement:
    Entrance, cashier-zone or beside special areas – e.g. groceries
  • ‚‚‚‚Quick shopping for small demands
  • Replacement of plastic shopping basktes
  • Theft-prevention ‚‚‚of plastic shopping basktes
  • Handle made of sustainable cotton-cellulose-material‚‚‚‚
  • ‚‚‚‚Stackable, conical construction
  • Easy to erect – thanks to ‚‚‚‚pre-glued construction
  • Re-usable
  • Emotional and durable for advertising

  • 35 litre volume
  • ‚‚In-store placement:
    Entrance or cashier zone
  • Volume for families and bigger shopping demands
  • ‚‚Replacement of plastic shopping baskets
  • ‚‚Stackable, conical construction
  • ‚‚Comfort, die-cut handles without sharp edges
  • ‚‚Re-usable
  • ‚‚Allover printable for advertising

Not only talk,

but handle!

Politicians, economy and
customer are discussing
the decrease of plastic-bags
and therefore the
reduction of plastic waste.

We say: Not only talk
about it but simply handle
now – for example with
the clever alternative to
the plastic-bags: The
KOLB  EcoBox.


You are planning to offer your customers, the environment and your economical success something good? You
will give the right answer of questions regarding the real sustainable alternative for plastic-bags? Therefore the
product range of the KOLB EcoBoxes are just waiting for you.

No matter if you like the EcoBox smart with their smart cotton-cellulose-handles or her bigger sister EcoBox family for the larger shopping demand: They are both ecological friendly and clever. From the very first use as well as while during multiple re-usage. What about printing your company logo on a classic basket look or a maritime wooden design? Your time to start ist now.

Just waiting
will not
moves anything

Every single step in changing things
for a better environment will count
for a better future of our planet.

We don´t want to wait any longer
and offer with KOLB´s EcoBoxes
a really sustainable solutions for
reducing plastic-waste.

Stacking high,

thinking green.


  • ‚‚Re-usable
  • Recyclable material
  • Ecological friendly corrugated board,
    up to 100 % waste based fibres
  • ‚‚Handles made of cotton / cellulose


  • Individual printing
  • ‚‚Modern printing / modern production
  • ‚‚Impressive image right at the P.O.S.

With both EcoBox familiy and EcoBox smart we are able to convince our customers since several years. They fit into our sustainable company culture in a perfect way and are simply perfect in handling and design.

Hannes Feneberg, CEO Feneberg GmbH, Kempten / Allgäu

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