KOLB Specials

single-face corrugated cardboard - visible structure

Creative packaging

All our products have been especially developed to meet your requirements. Made in single-face corrugated cardboard with visible corrugated structure, they deserve to be called KOLB Specials. Creative packaging solutions or environmentally friendly innovations.

KOLB Specials are simply unique. Special products made in single-face corrugated cardboard made by KOLB. You will find below the different specifications of our special products:

Laminating and Creative Corrugated Cardboard


The wave structure of corrugated board usually consists of a trough and a wave crest – in other words, just up and down.

wave profiles + a variety of color


CORBOARD is the combination of wave profiles and a variety of color. It is double wall corrugated cardboard with an open surface in COR-3D, F-, E-wave. The amazing stability is achieved by use of a double-COR 3D arc.

Colored Decorative Craft Corrugated Cardboard


The innovative surface with the visible and palpable wave structure allows all of the design aspects of your packaging to be realized. Whether as B-, E-, F-wave, or specifically in COR-3D® version: With COROLOR your packaging will send “waves” through the retail stores.

Stephanie Endres
concrete solutions and exceptional results


As product and packaging designer, I always need new, creative and innovative ideas. KOLB Specials offers me not only inspiration, but also provide concrete solutions and exceptional results –in any color.

long + narrow


Our flexible corrugated tube packaging is particularly suitable for the packaging of long, narrow products such as table legs, profiles, tubes, skis and more.

Packaging Concepts of the Roll


CORFLEX® – Adequate packaging for any form and any measure. CORFLEX®, the tear-resistant corrugated cardboard with a smooth inside and robust outside guarantees flexible protection, even in tricky shapes.

Wrapping bands for strapping packages


CORBAND provides protection by the meter. The band style packaging made of open corrugated cardboard, protects your products, such as wood or laminate panels, and holds them safely together. Specifically, COR-3D® utilizes the W-Wave for its unique advantage in longitudinal cross-stability.

Pack faster with Press & Go


CORQUICK is the nimble packaging helper made from open corrugated cardboard with an integrated sealing area for books, pamphlets, sound and image carriers and many other products.

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