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With KOLB PostPrint, KOLB PrePrint, KOLB OffsetPrint and KOLB DigitalPrint, your products can be the center of attention in different color variants and print motifs in a way that always meets your requirements.

Transport packaging from KOLB is the basis for safe logistics. Always tailor-made and material quality of the packaging ist convincing. Our permanent quality tests and material examinations guarantee this constant quality even with large editions. 

Innovative coating technologies turn quality corrugated board into real high-tech packaging or e.g. Packaging with VCI rust protection are just two examples of outstanding product safety and active contribution to environmental protection. 

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Our company history began more than 9 decades ago with the vision of developing innovative solutions for the constantly changing requirements of our customers. Since our founding in 1933, we have continuously worked on our expertise and our range of services.

We firmly believe that economic success and sustainability can go hand in hand. Our packaging can easily be recycled to make new paper and corrugated board. This helps reduce the volume of waste and the need for fresh raw materials.

Our high-quality packaging is strong enough to withstand external stress. An important quality feature of corrugated board is its strength and stability. The corrugated board must be able to withstand the stresses during transportation and storage and effectively protect the contents of the package.

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