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HANS KOLB Wellpappe GmbH is an internationally active packaging company with a long tradition and extensive experience. When it was founded in 1933 in Memmingen, about 60 km from Ulm, Hans Kolb started with solid board, which he gradually replaced with corrugated board. Today we develop and produce packaging material and special products made of corrugated board of the highest quality. It is a pleasure to hold such perfectly packed products in your hand when you buy them.

Our expert employees are characterised by a spirit of innovation that guarantees an optimal packaging solution. It combines the various packaging objectives such as safe transport, permanent storage and visual appeal at the point of sale. Several hundred orders per day document our above-average performance in the packaging world of corrugated board. Buy high-quality corrugated board from KOLB now.

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KOLB Premium

Choose between four precisely fitting printing technologies for packaging printing for every type of corrugated board, depending on your requirements and the desired purpose of use as well as the respective run length. With KOLB PostPrint, KOLB PrePrint, KOLB OffsetPrint and KOLB DigitalPrint, your products in different colour variants and print motifs can be placed in the centre of attention in a way that is pleasing to the eye. We provide our customers with expert advice on the selection of the most suitable process for processing any corrugated board. The result is an optimal eye-catcher with a printed message that is impressive in the truest sense of the word. It is fun to buy these products.

KOLB Packaging

A transport packaging is like the entrance door to a flat. If it is not attractive and inviting, visitors immediately get a bad feeling. It is similar in the world of corrugated board. No one will buy a corrugated board product here that does not visually capture you from the very beginning. Apart from the visual appearance, the material quality of the packaging determines the positive feeling of the buyer. Our permanent quality tests and material examinations guarantee a constant quality even with high print runs. The result is, for example, the optimal transport packaging or the practical KOLB EcoBox, a clever alternative to a systematic shopping bag. This special type of corrugated board product is intended for the spontaneous impulse buyer, for example, who does not need a large shopping trolley. What is meant here, of course, is more the spontaneous impulse buying of food, because, for example, what is still missing to prepare dinner, less the buying of another product made of corrugated cardboard.

KOLB Display

Certain impulses at the point of sale influence the mood of every purchase. Nobody will buy a product that does not appeal to him at all and does not look good from the outside. By using special types of corrugated board, we produce a characteristic HANS KOLB corrugated board whose surface creates a visually and haptically unique experience. No matter which printing technology is used, whether food or non-food products, one fundamental aspect is always valid: a positive perception of the products is decisive for any incentive to buy. Ideally, the complete appearance of the product should be a direct incentive to buy. The entire design of corrugated board is based on this principle.


Innovative packaging solutions made of corrugated board

KOLB Specials

These include certain products made of open corrugated board with a visible corrugated structure, which meet special customer requirements, for example in terms of creativity, fit or environmental compatibility. These can be, for example, the coloured decorative and craft corrugated board called COROLOR, the flexible corrugated board tube packaging called CORLONG or the nimble packaging aid with integrated sealing for books, brochures or sound and image carriers called CORQUICK. Buying such products gives you a good feeling right from the start. This feeling stands for our company philosophy, which pursues a long-term partnership with satisfied customers as its primary goal.

KOLB CoatedProducts

Corrugated board has long since established itself as one of the best materials in the packaging world, e.g. as folding carton. Through various coatings it becomes an innovative high-tech product in the entire logistics. For example, it offers protection against electrostatic discharges, sometimes with integrated corrosion protection. Other coatings are specially moisture or fat-repellent, defy certain climatic conditions with a wax coating, or offer the greatest possible product protection for humid and poorly ventilated storage atmospheres with their own anti-mould coating. Our technically high-quality processed corrugated board ensures logistics with the highest quality standards. With our economic solutions using sustainable corrugated board packaging, we make an active contribution to environmental protection.

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