POS Packaging

Printing & converting with the highest precision

We have combined all high-quality printing technologies and high-precision die-cut packaging under the brand KOLB PRINT. State-of-the-art production technologies guarantee the highest level of print brilliance and both die-cutting and folder-gluing at an outstanding accuracy for packaging solutions and displays.

Package printing

DigitalPrint, OffsetPrint or PostPrint?​

The colorful world of package printing is the focus of KOLB Print. It’s well suited for many applications, whether small logo and reference prints or full-surface printing motifs with a stunning print quality. We utilize up to 4 different printing technologies, allowing your product to stay where it belongs: the center of attention.

Utilizing either KOLB Postprint, KOLB PrePrint, KOLB OffsetPrint and KOLB DigitalPrint, we offer the best printing method as according to your requirements, its intended application, and the number of copies required.

It’s time for some colour

KOLB DigitalPrint

It’s time for some colour – from 0 to 100, to be precise. Even small print runs turn into real eye-catchers with KOLB DigitalPrint. The use of modern colour specifications means that even prototypes are a form of advertising. And best of all is the option of printing onto open structure corrugated cardboard with visible flutes. It is no coincidence that KOLB DigitalPrint packaging solutions have already attracted plenty of attention and awards at international level.

Superlative print quality

KOLB OffsetPrint

Superlative print quality and high-precision processing reflect the advantages of KOLB OffsetPrint: small and medium-sized print runs can be produced within a short period of time. KOLB PrePress guarantees that images have a uniform appearance. The interesting thing is that the result is always the same, subject to the types of raw paper and corrugated flutes used. This is a great advantage, particularly with multi-component packaging systems.

Packaging printing

KOLB PostPrint

The sheer variety of print motifs is the basis for KOLB PostPrint from HANS KOLB Wellpappe. This variety is produced by using high-quality systems to print onto corrugated cardboard sheets in state-of-the-art printing plants with ultra-modern colour management and quality assurance technology. It is even possible to achieve an excellent quality of printing across the flutes themselves. Even with relatively small print runs, a cardboard box can be made into a striking packaging solution with up to seven colours – ranging from a simple information text, a pictogram or numbers to full-size motifs and random prints. These printed designs are always sure to be a perfect fit as well. This is not the only reason why our slogan is also our promise: better packaging with KOLB Print.

Visual seller

The Decisive Factor in a Purchase

The packaging is the visual aspect the seller carries with his brand message, and it a crucial factor consumers consider when making a purchase. KOLB Print+ offers KOLB PrePress and KNAUER PrePress in either small or large size packaging for the most precise solution to your packaging problems.

High performance in all disciplines

Excellent Print Quality

Producing praiseworthy prints has been a tradition at HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard. In the renowned Grand Prix Cyrel competition, KOLB regularly claims top rankings.

The key to our success is clear. Decades of printing expertise, modern machinery and motivated employees are the basis for the KOLB Group’s promise: Better Packaging!

We heavily scrutinize all of our processes, regardless of the printing technology, and always have the success of your product in our sights. To put it simply, KOLB Print – High performance in all disciplines.

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