KOLB Display

Point of sale

Corrugated displays

Purchases are often influenced from certain impulses at the point of sale. To influence your customers, HANS KOLB offers corrugate displays in many different styles.

As different as the display and promotion requirements may be: KOLB displays are all made of corrugated cardboard. They provide optimal stability along with multi-functionality, a great design and are recyclable. By using special corrugated cardboard grades, such as COR-3D®, the W wave of HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard, you can create a special look and feel to the surface of the product, providing a unique experience to your customer.

KOLB Display
KOLB Display
Chutes and trays

Handling Made Easy

Chutes and trays for storing products with or without a regular shelf carton. Display stands, such as the 1/4 or 1/2 stands – are suitable for presenters selling a wide variety of products.

Whether food or non-food products in bottles, cartons or blister packaging: One specific use for different paper trays or special punched blanks can be readily achieved.

What products will you combine next?

When necessary

Printing using offset, flexo & Co.

It is crucial for consumer appeal and the perception of your products and thus your brand. Packing shows is your first and only impression to get your message across at the point of sale. We are decisive to get you the perfect print: From printing to the accurate registering of the subject etc.

With KOLB PostPrint, KOLB PrePrint or KOLB OffsetPrint, you can print more onto the packaging in hindsight in regards to colors, type, and sometimes even quantity. With KOLB DigitalPrint, you’ll get a professional first impression with the very first prototype and will know exactly what the later series production model will look like.

KOLB Display


KOLB continues to set new standards with our unusual display designs for counters, shelving and stand displays. With regard to variability and stability, you can always rely on us for a high quality product with easy handling.

KOLB Display
Service right from the start

KOLB Design + KOLB PrePress

Of course, we combine these individual procedures and with each other. Here’s how we do it: The team from KOLB Design and KOLB ColorVision offer all the support you’ll need: From specific data processing for the respective printing processes to professional design of the entire print image, according to your corporate design/logo, for display.

How will your product look in a display?

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