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Better packaging - With KOLB Group

Within the region and far beyond. With our long-term commitment to the domestic, Allgäu Economic Area, you’ll understand in just under eight minutes that we “pack better!”. Again and again, we’ve come up with innovative new ideas by following our well thought out concepts, which has allowed HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard to grow over the decades into a successful company. You can see this for yourself by viewing the KOLB Film directly on our website. Upon request, we can send you a physical disk copy of the film.

Better packaging with HANS KOLB Wellpappe is not only a promise but also a vision. To find out more about this vision of KOLB and the company’s commitment to excellence, view or current corporate film. It makes reference to a sustainability circle. The development of many innovative ideas and solutions form the basis of the success of HANS KOLB Wellpappe through the decades

Better packaging is not only a promise but also a vision

Better packaging

HANS KOLB CoatedProducts® Corrugated cardboard is one of the best packaging materials ever developed. By applying various coatings and using our specialist know-how, we have turned corrugated cardboard into an innovative high-tech product.

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