Our success goes back to the year 1933 when the first cardboard factory was established by Hans Kolb. Since that time, the KOLB Group developed into an internationally trading enterprise. We develop and produce packaging, packaging materials and specialised products made in corrugated cardboard. In all our activities, we aim at responding quickly and flexibly to the changing demands of the market.

Facts & Figures

Name HANS KOLB Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG
Established July 7, 1933
Employees approx. 1.000
Membership vdw – Verband der Wellpappen-Ind. e.V.
VBPV – Verband der Bayer. Papier, Pappe
und Kunststoffverarbeitenden Ind. e.V.
VBP – Verband Bayer. Papierfabriken e.V.


Alwin J. Kolb and Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Ruffing

Alwin J. Kolb
Alwin J. Kolb is the second generation managing partner of the KOLB Group. The continuation of his father’s legacy made HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard into a leading company in the corrugated packaging industry. Alwin J. Kolb stated: “Together with our customers, we will meet the current and future needs of the market, and in a constructive dialogue we can provide all the right answers to all your packaging questions”

Dr. of Engineering Bernhard Ruffing
With a doctorate in mechanical engineering, he successfully worked in the automobile and construction supply industries. Since 2007, he has taken over the reins of HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard. Since the integration of Gebr. Knauer GmbH + Co. KG in the KOLB Group, he has been responsible as the chairman of the management board since the beginning of 2014. He is also vice chairman of the Association of Bavarian paper, cardboard and plastics processing industry (VBPV) and member of the Chamber of Commerce Regional Council Memmingen/Unterallgäu.

Innovation – Meeting customer requirements

Modern packaging must meet a range of requirements. For this reason, KOLB packaging development is pursuing a customer-focused approach. Following the company slogan of “Better packaging”, the experienced KOLB design team makes use of advanced creative systems. This means that many different ideas can be pursued and implemented, which is of course of great advantage to customers. When developing the perfect packaging solution for you, we always aim at greatest flexibility.
In many cases, packaging must satisfy a varied range of demands. On the one hand, it must ensure safe transport and storage. On the other, it must attract customer attention at the point of sale. HANS KOLB Wellpappe always takes into account all elementary components that make good packaging, and develops a tailor-made solution for your product. Every day, we handle several hundred orders, which is testimony to our performance.











  • Fairness and cooperation must come before the interest of the individual.
  • Our success is based on teamwork.
  • Our main objectives are the satisfaction of our customers and the establishment of long-term relationships with business partners.
  • We are committed to excellence. We continuously work at improving productivity at all levels of the company and are operating a continuous improvement system.
  • We respond quickly and flexibly to the changes in the market and the activities of our competitors. Our success is only possible thanks to ongoing staff training, ensuring that all our employees have the necessary skills and can act as highly motivated, well-informed and professional contacts for customers and suppliers alike.
  • Continuous growth and increasing profits form the commercial basis for our success.
  • Innovation and a commitment to technological leadership are among our chief goals. In all aspects of business we strive to lead, rather than to follow our competitors.
  • Our relationships with suppliers are based on fairness and partnership. In all our business transactions and partnerships, we always act according to the principles of honesty and integrity. In all aspects of business we strive to lead, rather than to follow our competitors. We are responsible for the effect of our actions on society and on the environment.









Trade registration of cardboard factory in Memmingen by Hans Kolb. Initially, the plant produces solid fibreboard, which is gradually replaced with corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard accounts for 70 % of the total turnover. A number or large-scale investments are made.

Installation of the first internally built corrugated cardboard production line with a web width of 160 cm and a production rate of 10 m/min.

Destruction of the company premises by bombs and commencement of reconstruction work.

Opening of own paper factory in Kaufbeuren. Daily production rate 4 to 5 tons of paper. Total number of employees reaches sixty.

Transfer of the corrugated cardboard production to Memmingerberg and construction of a second corrugated board production unit. Total workforce at the plants in Memmingen. At the Memmingerberg and Kaufbeuren plants, the workforce reaches the figure of one hundred.

Construction of an additional plant at Buxheim near Memmingen. The company employs 260 people in the production of corrugated cardboard.

Commissioning of new paper machine at the Kaufbeuren plant.

Construction of a new plant in Memmingen and closure of the Memmingerberg site.

Acquisition of the sheet processing company Helber Packaging GmbH in Haiterbach and commissioning of a second paper machine at the Kaufbeuren paper production plant.

Expansion of Memmingen plant and concentration on the production of folding boxes.

Official opening of the new office building in Memmingen.

Opening of the printing centre in Buxheim. Upgrading and restructuring of the machinery at the Memmingen plant.

ISO 9001 certification. Establishment of company-wide quality assurance system

Start of production of wave flute cardboard in Haiterbach. HKM develops a growing range of special products made in corrugated cardboard, thus entering various niche markets.

Commissioning of the new high-output corrugator in Memmingen.

HANS KOLB Wellpappe celebrates its 75th anniversary in the most successful year in the history of the company

Commissioning of the new paper production system PM4 at HANS KOLB Papier in Kaufbeuren

KOLB Print+ couples its printing expertise with a number of different printing technologies and thus successfully launches KOLB OffsetPrint

Launch of the new logistics centre at Buxheim plant

Acquisition of Gebr. KNAUER GmbH + Co. KG and therefore further expansion of the business unit KOLB Print+ with KNAUER, the new competence centre in Offset printed packaging at KOLB