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Transport Packaging

Uniform high quality

Length x width x height = corrugated cardboard box. To meet your quality requirements, we need however to do much more than just cut material to size. Continuous quality testing and material analyses guarantee uniform high quality of the packaging.



The KOLB EcoBox is the clever alternative to bags in a modular system. Whether for spontaneous impulse buyers without a cart or for a whole family shopping on the weekend: KOLB EcoBox Smart, Family or the even more sustainable KOLB EcoBox blue kinds are always practical and sustainable solutions. They are renowned for their attractive appearance and their impressive stability.

protect your product

Transport Packaging

Our range of transport packaging is as varied as your packaging requirements. All of our fresh ideas for packaging have just one goal: to protect your product and thereby allow safe transport within your internal and external logistics processes.

Motivated team

Top Performance

In addition to our certified quality standards, KOLB packaging can be made for just about any product with a variety of different custom needs while still offering flexible and punctual delivery. We are a competent partner and our motivated team is fully committed to fulfill our promise to “Pack Better!”

Bag in Box


Fair prices and environmentally conscious – KOLB BIB is the Bag-in-Box Packaging System with the added value of sustainability. Their design allows them to lie flat which lowers storage costs. We offer special materials as well to provide a packaging solution for liquid and paste-like fillings, with a level of security that was previously unimaginable. A simple, separate disposal system speaks wonders to this highly sustainable packaging concept.



The KOLB BO-BOX is the bottle shipping packaging from KOLB. The packaging offers secure protection when shipping bottles of different types. Whether in a six-pack or a twelve-pack, the KOLB BO-BOX is also ideally suited for different bottle combinations thanks to clever holding grooves.

Without stacking lugs

KOLB SafetyStackTray

Sometimes “less” literally is “more”. The KOLB SafetyStackTray provides clear advantages in handling in internal logistics, shipping, and storage by dispensing of conventional stacking lugs. Naturally you can print onto the KOLB SafetyStackTray using any of our KOLB Print printing technologies.

Edge protection


Edge protection is an innovative packaging design we use to protect corners and edges. Delivered lying flat, COR-EDGE consists of two parts that are ready for immediate use by simply plugging them together.

Transport packaging and more ...

Diversity as far as the eye can see

Corrugated sheets

Folded boxes and die-cut packaging are both made from corrugated Blanks Folding boxes are cut and die-cut packaging material is punched from such sheets. We also supply uncut blanks for various packaging purposes.

Die-cut packaging

Die-cut packaging is made from corrugated cardboard sheets that are punched and cut with a specially designed die. Die-cut packaging is always custom-made and is thus extremely versatile.

Folded cartons

Folded cartons are normally made from a single blank with top and bottom flap. The manufactured joint is glued, stapled or taped. Folding boxes are supplied as flats, ready for use, and closed with folding flaps.


Laschenklebung, Drahtheftung oder Klebestreifenverschluss sind die unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten, aus dem Wellpappe-Bogen einen Wellpappe-Karton zu fertigen. Hierbei entstehen eine Vielfalt von Stanzverpackungen, Verpackungsinneneinrichtungen, Zuschnitte, Trays und vieles mehr.

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