KOLB Coated Products

CORproTRONIC®, the new innovative packaging solution from the KOLB CoatedProducts product family, increases flexibility in protecting sensitive components from uncontrolled electrostatic discharges, due to the high shielding requirements of the novel ESD material of CORproTRONIC®.

With a conductive coating on the outside of the packaging and a dissipative coating on the inside, a wide variety of ESD packaging targets can be easily achieved.

CORproTRONIC® offers a completely new flexibility, as KOLB is able to realise CORproTRONIC® in all available corrugation types by means of state-of-the-art production processes. Consequently, the most diverse packaging goals can be achieved easily and flexibly.

Due to the increasing sensitivity of various components and assemblies, the requirements for professional protection are also increasing. In order to ensure that these requirements are met with regard to the shielding effect of CORproTRONIC®, the packaging is measured and tested using KOLB’s own test procedures and test set-ups. KOLB uses a modified form of the so-called energy bag test according to IEC 61340-4-8 to test the shielding effect of the ESD packaging.

Diverse solutions, uniform protection:

With the customised and flexible packaging solutions, an exact alignment to the needs of our customers and their processes is possible. It has never been easier to achieve our customers‘ ESD packaging goals with KOLB CoatedProducts.

Clever coatings

Innovative high-tech packaging

Corrugated cardboard is one of the best packaging materials ever developed. By applying various coatings and using our specialist know-how, we have turned corrugated cardboard into an innovative high-tech product. ESD packaging for the production of electronic components. Packaging solutions with corrosion protection. Our coating solutions offer the right solution for any packaging requirement. This page gives you an overview of the different specifications of our CoatedProducts. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Protection against damage from overvoltage Electrical charges


ESD packaging Protection against damage from overvoltage Electrical charges occur everywhere. The resulting differences in potential can damage electronic components and assemblies.

VCI rust protection


Rust destroys valuable metals. Every year, metals to the value of more than € 50 billion are destroyed by corrosion and consequential damage. This loss can be prevented, for example by using CORRUST® high-tech packaging by KOLB.

guaranteed protection + the best functionality

Sure coated

For our more technically sophisticated packaging and logistics requirements, we use KOLB CoatedProducts which provides guaranteed protection and the best functionality. Through the implementation of this cost effective solution, we also have a more positive impact on the environment than we would otherwise.

protective barrier layer


SKINBOARD is a coated corrugated cardboard with enhanced adherence for skin foil. The coating also provides a protective barrier layer, e.g. keeping out moisture.

CORRUST SKINBOARD offers you the additional possibility of printing with up to 7 colors. Thanks to impressive designs SKINBOARD or CORRUST SKINBOARD are the perfect presentational packaging solutions to set your product into the limelight. The transparent skin foil fixes your product tight on the made to measure carboard sheet.

Even more options

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Moisture Resistant Coating

Moisture is naturally the enemy of corrugated cardboard. But this isn’t so with the moisture-resistant special coating of KOLB CoatedProducts. Our beam hardened paint creates a highly effective barrier against any type of moisture.

Anti-Fungus Coating

Fungus and mildew have no chance against our new packaging and storage systems, which offer maximum product protection even in damp and poorly ventilated warehouse conditions.

Fat/Grease-resistant Coating

Oily, fatty or greased products such as ball bearings need to be packed safely from dispatch to storage. By using the grease-proof coating system from KOLB CoatedProducts, the prevention of penetration from fat or oil is guaranteed over the entire logistics and delivery time.

Wax Coating

Whether corrugated cut or complete export packaging, you can thank our special wax coating which keeps your packages secure by protecting them from the special climactic stresses they will experience in transport.



Flame-retardant corrugated cardboard of buildings material class B2 (France: M1) for exhibition designs, warehouse installations and insulation in buildings and interior design purposes. FlameRetard® can help prevent damage in the event of a fire and meets the technical requirements of fire protection regulations and insurers.

Stop & Go

Slip Protection Sliding Coatings

Packaging or liners that have adhesive properties are used, either for fixing the goods during transportation or for horizontal automatic assembly of boxes and trays. Abrasion-resistant coatings help you securely send roughly packaged goods. The different coatings have different results, but the one thing in common: Optimized transport and storage processes with full protection for your goods. What requirements do you have? We look forward to your inquiry!

powerful hygiene


Easy to use, easy to replace, easy to recycle – that’s all CORCLEAN. Simple handling and convincing hygienically facts are the advantages of our especially coated hygienig product range.
No contamination: Thanks to water repellent coatings we offer both, product safety and protection against „animal mistakes“ in the the surrounded areas.


Cleverness integriert in allen Verpackungen

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