Transport Packaging for Everyday Operations

Our range of transport packaging is as varied as your packaging requirements. All of our fresh ideas for packaging have just one goal: to protect your product and thereby allow safe transport within your internal and external logistics processes.

Whether standardized folding or highly complex die-cut packaging, we will ultimately offer a tailor-made solution for reaching your packaging goals.

Even a supposedly “simple” folding carton contributes to smooth production processes and thus your sales increase, as well as the benefits a branded shipping container offers by sending a good first impression to your customers.

Folding, die-cut packaging, packaging sensing devices, blanks, trays and much more are produced in our modern inline facilities.

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Did You Know?

By using different interiors, often only one folding carton is all that is necessary for several products or product groups. We are happy to develop your customized solution!

Measurement accuracy

High Standards Guaranteed!

From the first to the ten millionth carton, we can always guarantee the highest possible measurement accuracy. The most modern machines and equipment in conjunction with our competent and highly motivated team forms the foundation for the KOLB quality promise “Pack Better!”

To ensure that this promise is constantly fulfilled, our in-house laboratory conducts rigorous checks on raw materials, production processes and finished goods. This happens in the same way that shipping containers are certified according to the requirements of various logistics coordinators. Moreover, we are also able to test and approve hazardous materials packaging.

Large-format packaging solutions


Brand new to our group of modern machinery and equipment: The BOBST FFG 1232. This innovative inline machine has an impressive working width of 3,200 mm and can also produce dual prints by the use of special modules. The system is equipped with two printing units and is especially suited for the production of large-format packaging solutions.
The Architecture of the Wave

The Architecture of Packaging

The new, innovative wave profile and a modern process control systems on the one hand speak wonders to the system’s technical superiority and at the same time form the basis for outstanding printability thanks to the dual homogeneous surface.

The advantages of the KOLB Double-Waves

The KOLB Principle

Simple sustainably

Sustainability is far more than a trending topic. For many decades, our corporate activities have met every definition of sustainability. Through the use of renewable raw materials, successful recycling processes and the efficient use of materials, corrugated cardboard is itself already a very sustainable product.

Our regional recycling loop uses HANS KOLB Paper as base paper producers and regional waste paper collection companies have made note of our impressive recycling program.

Thanks to an optimized internal resource cycle, we send trimmings and punching waste directly to the paper mill to be further utilized. Here arises our innovative base paper product, such as the KOLB Highliner (KHL) or our special HighPerformanceFluting (HPF) for the highest level of technical excellence.

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